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ArcTunez: 146 Hz - Calming the Nervous System

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Feeling overwhelmed? Unwind with this heavenly 30-minute meditation music for clear communication. This special frequency of 146 Hertz will soothe your nervous system and put you in the right state to better connect with yourself and those around you!

Introducing: ArcTunez

ArcTunez uses Arcturian frequency codes to create an audio and video experiences. These frequency codes are channeled from the Arcturians, a highly evolved race of galactic beings from the star system of Arcturus. These frequency codes provide a unique energy that helps you to open up to receiving messages and insights that can help you on your journey of healing.

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Put yourself into a Theta brain state
Achieve a deeper level of connection with this calming musical offering. Gently relax your mind and body while you're taken on a journey of inner healing and peace.
Feel relaxed and refreshed in 30 minutes.
Experience useful vibrations to help reduce stress levels.
Reclaim your energy and reduce fatigue
Enjoy the calming moments of clarity that help you reconnect with yourself and those around you.
Reap all the wonderful benefits
From improved sleep patterns to enhanced learning ability, there are many positive physiological changes associated with Theta brain waves. Use this music as an opportunity to reconnect to yourself!
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30 minutes

ArcTunez: 146 Hz - Calming the Nervous System

0 ratings
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